Business case

Example:Japanese made and proud of “Paper hand held fan for advertisement” would be introduced to the Global market


Outline of project

In order to realize the below mentioned target, the following 3 parties cooperate each other.

  1. Manufacturers of paper hand held fan and their subcontractors located in Marugame-city in Kagawa Pref.,Japan
  2. Specialist in international trading and marketing
  3. Specialist in business with India



  1. This project is to introduce “Paper hand held fan for advertisement” which is “Made in Japan product” being popular and prevailed in Japan to Indian market, and to grow up Indian market as a promising market for “Paper hand held fan for advertisement”.
  2. In the near future, we are aiming to grow up Indian market as 2nd biggest production country of paper hand held fan and supply them to not only Indian market but also surrounding countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.
  3. Furthermore, we are aiming to export them the other Asian countries than India and European countries by adding additional value based on ICT technology such as Augmented Reality(AR) to paper hand held fan.


Paper hand held fan for advertisementPaper hand held fan for advertisement